Light show dazzles in Shenzhen

Light show dazzles and delights

technicolour show

To celebrate 40 years of reform and opening up Shenzhen has a series of light shows each evenings, and its fantastic.  I had seen some great pics of this and heard it was cool, but like everything that is hyped I didnt belive it would be any good.  How I was wrong.  It was imaginative, colourful, well co-ordinated and just pretty awesome.   As you can see from the pictures.


There are several view points to see this, the best one being Civic Square, just near the Civic Centre building.  But the top of lianhuashan park is also a good one ( but limited space and busy).  The square has ample room to sit or stand and just enjoy the show.  it last for 16 minutes.


Friday and saturday 7.30/8.30/9.30pm

Civic Center Metro (line 2/4)



New light show design from artists around the world





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