Cats and coffee

Cat Cafe opens in Futian


Now Shenzhen has no shortage of coffeeshops, in fact there are a glutton of them around.  And in such a competitive marketplace you really need to standout to thrive, long gone are the days of a quiet corner cafe that just let the coffee do the talking, now you need an edge, a reason to draw the customers to you.  Warm Cat & Coffee does just that, boasting a feline population of 18 cats this really is a coffee experience out of the ordinary.

Animal coffee shop here!! Animal cafe cuteness in Shenzhen coffeeshop

Hotel or Cafe?

Finding this place is a bit of a mission on its own, but it’s really worth the effort.  Situated in a hotel room that’s been turned into a cafe this is a surreal experience from the word go.


After ringing the door bell, it’s time to cover your shoes and wash your hands, then you’ll be allowed to enter the world of the cat. As your eyes dart around you’ll see cats lounging on sunny windowsills, hiding in plant pots, napping on tables and even lurking under chairs ready to snap at your feet.

Furry Friends

The cats themselves are absolutely gorgeous.  Glistening coats, big beautiful eyes and vibrant colours, these are expensive and sought-after breeds.  What makes them so appealing to the many many customers who come here, is that the cats are so darn photogenic!  They look gorgeous on camera. You can see from the get-go that these animals are well cared for and well loves, and in fact they really seem to love the attention they get from the admiring customers fawning over them. They have bags of personality too, they may or may not interact with you, it depends on their mood.  But it’s nice to play with them, great stress reliever.  With 18 cats you are bound to find one that wants some attention from you.  And while I’ve been to cat cafes before, I’ve never experienced such interaction as in Warm Cat Coffee



What about the coffee?

As with many ‘concept cafes’ the desserts look good with cute shapes or beautiful presentation, but the taste is lacking.  Overly sweet and a bit artificial this is all too common with coffeeshops that focus on style over substance.  However, in this instance you come here for the cats not for the food, but it’s a shame, nonetheless.  The coffee is standard, not good nor bad, and certainly nothing to scream from the rooftops about.  And at 38 RMB definitely on the high price. The cake at 51
RMB is way overpriced for both the size and the taste.



I imagine keeping 18 cats comes at a considerable cost so I was and will continue to be happy to pay this in the future.  There is a minimum spend here of 60 RMB so come with a friend or but a coffee and a cake, either way it’s worth it for the experience if not for the culinary skills.

Want to go?

Warm Cat Coffee 暖暖猫咖

Address: 1423, block A, Futian District building, Jintian Road, Sheung Wan
Transportation: Line 1 Convention and Exhibition Center station exit A1

 Monday to Sunday 12:00-22:00

More coffee here!!


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