Burgers in Shenzhen

Burgero produces the goods

The battle for the best burger in Shenzhen is one that could rage on and on.  And newcomers into the mix Burgero have made deciding a winner even more difficult than before.

Serving 40 hungry diners is no easy feat, but Burgero did it with a good level of speed and efficiency.  Using a number system that was simple but effective, everybody got their order without waiting too long. Mo and Tito are warm, friendly guys and were very genial hosts.  Having done several of these events in previous weeks and months, I felt the service was a credit to themselves and their business


Burger Time

The most important part of a burger restaurant is of course the burger. And it’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint.  The Burgero burger (the signature burger) was excellent.  Thick, high quality patty of beef.  Which was well seasoned and well cooked.  The star of any burger will always be the beef and there were no shortcuts made here. The bun was soft and fresh and had a good ratio to the beef. I did feel there was a touch too much sauce and made for a bit of a messy eat. However, that can be changed on request.   The fries were thick cut chips which is exactly as it should be.  The portion size of both burger and fries were generous and given the price provided excellent value.

The only negative of the night was the wings seemed undercooked, an opinion shared by many of the diners.

Overall Burgero firmly steps up to be a top contender in the mid-range price category.  If you want a good burger at a good price, then look no further.

Shopping park metro station, opposite the Marco Polo hotel

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