Hanover Coffee OCT

Hanover Coffee has been a well established and much-loved coffee brand in Shenzhen for some time now.  With their two popular location in Software Industrial Park near the iconic Tencent Building or with their partnerships with frequently visited and well-liked restaurants in Shenzhen, it is likely that you have either tried Hanover coffee or at least heard of it.

Hanover has recently opened a new location, this time focusing more on food and dining, as well as the coffee we know and love. This very conveniently located at OCT and it has a large terrace seating area which is perfect for a lazy Sunday or a warm evening.   While doing food is something new for Hanover, the coffee thankfully remains as good and consistent as always.  The location might seem a little odd at the Huaxia Art Centre, but it works.  And the advantage being that during the work day its very quiet, perfect for working or studying.

Terrace seating


The menu is short and simple, which in my opinion is a good thing.  There are some German dishes such as schnitzel and sausages, this is in keeping since the brand itself is German.  These are well priced, good portion size and most importantly taste good!   You can also get pasta dishes and ‘sandwiches’ although they are actually more like ‘something on bread’.  The salmon one especially is fantastic value and really delicious.

Schnitzel 68RMB

There some standout options at Hanover.  Being able to get a weekday brunch is a real bonus, as most places only do this on the weekend.  Well, if you’re looking for a weekday option look no more.  Another commonly looked for item in Shenzhen are pancakes which at 35RMB are again excellent value.  Washed down with a Hanover coffee this is a superb combination.

Hanover Coffee also has some unique dishes on the menu.  The bread bowls are very interesting.   The ingredients are all put together, along with generous helpings of sauce, into a ‘bread bowl’, this all these oozes out when cut open.  It’s a fun, tasty experience and something a little different.

As well as a wide range of coffee, you can get some beer from the fridge.  Currently the range is limited but this will improve over time with some collaborations with SZ and China breweries.    There is a happy hour every day too.   As you would expect there is a a wide range of coffee you can buy to use at home too.

If you are looking for a great coffee, German food, weekday brunch, or just a nice place to chill then Hanover Coffee OCT is for you.



Hanover Coffee (OCT)
📍2rd. Floor Huaxia Yisu Centre, OCT(Exit A), Nanshan District.

OCT metro station exit C


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