Walking the the clouds

Ping’an Building.  Walking in the clouds

The Ping’an Financial Centre.  Towering above COCOPARK at 599 metres high, it symbolises the unprecedented urban growth of SZ.  It is currently the tallest building in SZ and the 2nd in China, making it the 4th in the world.

Tallest building in SZ

I’ve always had a love for tall buildings and for all kinds of cool and stylish architecture.  The UK is not really known for it skyscrapers so I kinda fell in love with them when I moved to SZ. And since SZ is a megacity boy oh boy are there some tall buildings around. Recently I checked out the observation deck of the Ping’an building.  Here’s my take on it.

The Lowdown or is that highdown?

First, I suggest you check the weather and the sky before you go.  You really want a clear day for this sort of thing, cloudy or rainy day will really ruin the view, smog will also make a bad view so check the pollution that day too.  I prefer day time views, but I’m told the night time view from here is equally spectacular.  Entry to the observation deck is open 9am-8.45pm and the ticket cost is 200 RMB (quite high for this sort of activity). You shoot up in an elevator at 10 m/s to the 116th floor. This gives you same feeling as take-off and landing on an airplane, you’re going that high and that fast, its pretty cool.  As you walk through the lift on the top floor you’re greeted by a huge window with quite a sensational view of the metropolis below you.

Sky High Afternoon Tea


ping view

360 degrees

The observation floor gives you 360-degree views on SZ, with big windows on all sides allowing you see all SZ below you.  Hong Kong is easily visible in the distance too, especially on a clear day where you can see for miles and miles and miles.  The cars below you look like toys and the people like ants, its such an awesome awesome view. It is kind of like looking down on a city made of Lego, everything looks so small.  Some of the view highlights include the golf course below you, the iconic Civic Centre building with its bendy roof and funky colours, lianhuashan park, the highway ring roads and the KK100 in the far distance can be made out too.

Other options

Love great views of SZ?  Here’s some other options for you.

Wutong Mountain provides a fantastic panoramic view of SZ below you, but its not the easiest to hike and it’s a bit of a pain to get there.

night view from Wutong

KK100, formally the tallest in SZ. Located in Luoho it gives some great views of SZ and can see a lot of HK too due to its location. However you need to spend 230 RMB to go up (this is a food coupon you get to use) and I personally thing the Ping’an gives better views

View from KK100

Diwang Building.  Located next to the KK100 this was the king of SZ during the Deng Xiaoping era.  But its not so tall anymore and aged pretty badly, but at 60 RMB its not a bad option.

Diwang building. Formally the tallest in Shenzhen the 1980s’/90s

Or maybe your apartment if you’re lucky enough to live on a high floor in a great area. Sadly I live on the 2nd floor so that’s not me.

Want to go?

Probably the easiest place in ShenZhen to find.  Go to Shopping Park metro station exit D(line1/3) go outside and head to the TALL building.

No.5033 Yitian Road, Futian District 116/F, Pingan Financial Center, Shenzhen China






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