Thailand Bangkok Railway Market

A very surreal spot.   This is a railway that runs from Bangkok and terminates here nearby the river.   But unlike other places in the world the residents have built businesses around the track rather than away from it.   You can walk along the track and shop or eat.

4 times a day the train moves past the shops and a couple of minutes before its a big scramble to close the awning, pull in the stands etc.  It’s second nature now so they do it quickly.

The train doesn’t charge through, it’s relatively slow although it’s long and heavy so would probably still do some damage.  You can get a few photos but please be safe

The train stops for 1 hour. You can get on and have a look. It’s a really old fashioned one. Pretty cool.

The market itself has been hit very hard by COVID. Lot of business and lives ruined.  Things are picking up but very slowly.  Some good bargains to be had but remember to negotiate.   Few F&B around but no worries all Thai food is always good.

Want to go?

ตลาดแม่กลอง แม่กลอง Mueang Samut Songkhram District, Samut Songkhram 75000, Thailand

You will find the Maeklong Railway Market about 80km (50mi) outside Bangkok city centre, in the Samut Songkhram region. Depending on Bangkok’s traffic, it takes just over an hour to get here. There are a few ways to get here, the first and certainly one of the most convenient is to take the BTS Skytrain to Victory Monument station and grab a minibus. These buses leave as soon as one is filled, so you never know when your departure time will be. Be sure to look up the train timetable before heading out. Be aware, however, that these times are subject to change, and the trains are often late.


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