Hiking for our anscestors

October 17 on the western calendar was actually 9/9 on the lunar calendar, and since most Asian countries base thier holidays on the lunar calendar the dates sometimes dont ‘make sense’ to my British brain.  But nonetheless a holiday it was.  But not a day off from work holiday, more of a traditional day that is still practised thousands of years after it started.  The day is known as Chongyang

One of the traditions for this festival so to speak is to go hiking, the theory being that you are closer to the moon. So thats what I did.  As an avid hiker myself this was no chore, in fact it was very enjoyable, I usually dont need an excuse!

More people hiking than usual on a weekday

I did a very causal hike (around 9km) of Tanglanshan, and it was unusually busy with families and lots of old people.  in fact the old people raced past me on the way to the top, I wish to be that active when im older!   The weather was very misty and foggy and it was the perfect hiking weather, even thought the views sucked because of the fog.


One of the things I love about China is that they do follow and respect thier traditions, even if they dont make sense anymore they still like to do them, and it creates a sense of family and community spirit.


Want to go to Tanglangshan?  Taoyuancun metro station. Exit A, walk forward, turn right at the corner ans keep walking up hill.  Cant miss it

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