My first Chicago deep dish pizza

Pizza in Shenzhen

Artisans is well known in the Shenzhen food and drink circuit, and is considered by many, including myself to be one of the top pizzas in the city.  Continually pushing the boundaries and searching for something new and innovative Quinton has created his own version of this classic Chicago dish. Chicago-style pizza is pizza prepared according to several different styles developed in Chicago. The most famous is deep-dish pizza. The pan in which it is baked gives the pizza its characteristically high edge which gives a lot of space for large amounts of cheese and a chunky tomato sauce.  Now call it a pizza, or a pie, or a pizza pie, it doesn’t matter.  These are only labels and the most important part is the taste. Coming from the UK I had never tried anything like this before so was completely unsure of the ‘right’ way for this to be. But I was not disappointed.


Prep time is an issue with this pizza.  Requiring 10 mins to make, 20 to cook, and 5 to cool down this is not an in an out experience.  But good things come to those who wait so if you are patient you will be rewarded.   Now at first glance, 188 RMB is an eyewatering price tag for a ‘pizza’.  But, when it arrives you will see why, this is no pizza for mere fact I would say its impossible for one person to eat this individually. This is a sharing dish, so immediately the 188 RMB price is halved because the pizza is being halved. After 4 slices I was absolutely stuffed, so this could easily be shared amongst 2 or 3 people with a salad or some wings.


What is deep dish?

So what makes up this deep dish pizza?  Well it goes crust at the bottom, the crust uses cornmeal which adds a subtle but delightful crunch.  However, one of my critiques is that I would like it to be crunchier, felt the base was a bit soft.  Next comes the cheese layer, followed by pepperoni and Italian sausages along with onions.  Very generous meat portions to satiate the keenest meat lover.  A thick, red layer of tomato sauce goes over the top.  This is tangy and has a slight kick but oh boy its so rich and flavourful I was in love. The colour is so vibrant the flavour so rich, I was really blown away by this sauce.  A light sprinkling (maybe too light) of parmesan cheese completes it.   This pizza is very very filling, it comes in 8 slices and that’s more than enough.  Its deep ( as the name suggests) and packs a big punch.  So get yourself over to artisans and try this, you wont regret it.



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