Hiking Cape D’aguilar in HK

Chasing the ocean

After a week in the hustle and bustle of Shenzhen, sometimes fresh air and exercise away from that madness is much needed.  In Cape D’aguilar this was provided.  Cape D’aguilar is a cape near Shek O named after a former General and Governor of Hong Kong. It’s an easy trail that hugs the coast line and allows you to get close to the sea and breath in the fresh air, and provides many fantastic photo opportunities along the way.


After meeting at the metro and leaving on time, we were sky watching, fearing the rain but hopeful for sunshine, in the end we got a colder day but quite clear with a nice sky.  After a short bus journey, we arrived fresh and raring to go.  Within a few minutes of walking we are greeted by sensational views of the ocean below us, we were stunned!  And of course, this meant pictures and more pictures! Soon we were greeted by a vast open space with nothing but nature surrounding us. Huge swathes of greenery and the clear blue ocean. It was bliss.


Turning right towards the ocean, we detoured to a cave. Possibly used by pirates or smugglers in bygone eras it was a breath-taking display of nature’s power. The waves crashing through the crevasse both deafening and awe inspiring. Was pretty magnificent.

Next it was onto the ocean and a spot of rock climbing.  Just listening to the waves and watching the sea, I was entranced and taken far away.  If I closed my eyes I could have been anywhere.  It was awesome to get so close to the ocean, exactly what was needed to clear our minds and lift our spirits.  We spent some time just sitting and relaxing, some even sketching the picturesque surroundings.


After many many photos on the rocks and next to the sea we spotted another cave. Crab cave because it kind of looks like a crab…. a bit…  you can check it out for yourselves to see if you agree or not.


Lighthouse was next on the agenda. The oldest in HK it dates back to 1870. Small and quaint, it would never be used in today’s time but was quite an achievement back in the day.


Just over the horizon is a disused military bunker, no doubt used to keep a close watch on the sea. Long since destroyed either by nature or by war, the foundations stand proud as a reminder of what was. It was here we got the best view of the day, the expansive clifs, the thundering ocean, the lighthouse looking over, and the beautiful sky ahead.


All in all was a fantastic day, combining nature, walking and history.  3 of my favourite things.


  1. Take the MTR to SHAU KEI WAN.

  2. Leave the MTR Station via Exit A1 or A3 (Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus)

  3. Board into Bus No.9 or Green Mini Bus heading towards Shek O.

  4. Alight at the Bus Station near Cape DAguilar Road.

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