Sanctuary of Truth Pattaya.

Sanctuary of nightmares


The Sanctuary of Truth is a giant wooden temple filled with statues of Buddhism and Hinduism.  This was in the top 5 of things to do in Pattaya on many lists including Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet, but I’m not sure why

Tourist Trap is the only thing I can say about this.  And i’m annoyed I became one of them.  You wont see any Thai people here, except for the workers.   It is a beautiful strucutre there is no denying.  And incredible craft work has gone in.   But its small and over in an hour.  At 500 baht that is bad value.  


It is currently being repaired so a lot of it you cant get near to anyway.  If you go inside must wear hard hat helmet.  Inside is also beautiful but doesn’t feel Holy to me, quite the opposite, a bit soulless.


There is also elephant riding here, which surprised me as Thailand usually revers the elephant.  And this in a place which elephant is sacred.  Crazy.

It takes time and money to get too, around 100 baht from city centre.  They DO NOT allow grab taxi to be used here.  Another way of making more money.


My advice would be to avoid this place at all costs.


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