Hike to Phuket Big Buddha

Get your hike on


I wanted to visit the Phuket Big Buddha.  After all its one of the places you ‘must go’, and I agree with that its simply breathtaking.  However I didn’t just want to taxi or car there look around then car back down.  That’s not my style.  So after some quick google searching I found a great jungle hike that leads there. 


The hike was about 4km and it was not so difficult.  Had a very knowledgeable guide who pointed out many cool things like banana plants, rubber trees, and palm oil.  Also saw some huge spiders and poisonous green snakes.  Very authentic hike indeed.

The top leads to the Big Buddha which is quite a sight.  Not much for me to say about this as it’s all online and been talked about before.  The views from the top are quite amazing



The trip was with CCs eco trips.  Big Buddha Hike  The guide was very funny and interesting.  It was a small group of 6 people.  Exchanging stories about the world while walking through beautiful nature.  It’s amazing.



If you love nature and hiking and looking for something different to do in Phuket then this is the one for you.


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