Wetlands Park in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Wetlands Park

Sometimes and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life is needed, but with time being a premium for most people it can be difficult to know where to go to relax and unwind.  Well there’s an option very near Shenzhen that provides peace and quiet, as well as beautiful nature, without taking too much time and effort to get there.  And that place is the Hong Kong Wetlands Park.   Now at first look it may not seem that impressive.  It’s not pristine and uber green in colour, but what it does have is a rugged, untamed natural look. Exactly what a nature reserve or wetlands should be.



Many people, when they think of Hong Kong, think of a sprawling urban landscape with a vibrant nightlife. While this is true of one aspect of this fascinating place, there’s also a side to Hong Kong that’s focused more on natural beauty, and on preserving the beautiful wetlands that are Hong Kong’s natural habitat. The Hong Kong Wetland Park is dedicating to showing people the beauty of Hong Kong’s wetlands and educating them about the ecological importance of preserving this beautiful area.

Insect at the education facility


Hong Kongs most famous hike.  Read about it here Dragons back hike in Hong Kong


Not only is it a conservation facility, but it also focuses on education and tourism. There is much to see and do here.  Sprawled out over 61 hectares, this place is truly enormous and is a testament to Hong Kong’s eco and nature mindset. It makes for a peaceful and beautiful walk, through a cornucopia of vibrant nature.  There is an abundance of flora and fauna around you, a vast range of bird species to spot (if you’re lucky) and even a crocodile!

False Pineapple

Upon entry you’ll be greeted by the visitor information centre.  Here you’ll get to read about the wetlands, and the ecosystem.  There are interactive exhibits for the kids and some fish and insects in tanks to look at.  As you go outside you can see Pui Pui the resident crocodile.  There are many areas you can walk through; the paths and direction are up to you.  There is a stream walk, mangrove boardwalk, and a butterfly garden.

Wetlands Park boardwalk

Each path has its own unique nature to observe, and lots of information about them.  There are several ‘huts’ where you can sit quietly and try to observe some of the many birds which frequent these wetlands.  Of course, there is no guarantee which ones, if any, you’ll see.  Just have to be patient. Please be quiet if you’re in these areas as any noises will scare away the birds.    There are telescopes there to view up close, or you can use your camera, perfect for any nature lover or bird spotter.


Want to go?

There are several ways to get here depending on where you are coming from.  If you go from Shenzhen Bay border you can get public green mini bus number 619 to wetlands park stop.  Takes around 15 minutes


You can also go to Tin Shui Wai MTR station then change to Light Rail to wetland station.


Tickets cost 30 HKD for adult 15 HKD for under 18.  It is open 10am-5pm (closed on Tuesdays)

Recommended time 3 hours

Perfect for Nature lovers, bird watchers and family days out

Wetland Park Road, Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kong, China


If you are in the area, another great thing to do is Pineapple Mountain.  A quick an eay hike with great views Pineapple mountain



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