Dapeng Fortress


Located around 60km from the city center this requires some toil on your part to get here, but it is most certainly worth it. First built in 1394, these are some of the oldest structures in Shenzhen. Originally built for defense against Japanese pirates, with thick granite walls and covering a huge area this is an iconic landmark of Shenzhen.

IMG_20190304_045424_HDRAs far as historical sites go, this is extremely well preserved, that’s another hint at its almost revered like status, the locals have often contributed large sums of money to maintain and rebuild this towering cultural icon.  You will see like you’ve stepping into a time machine and gone back to Ming Dynasty, except for the fact there are hundreds ( if not more) of modern day residents living there.  Dapeng Fortress is both an open tourist spot and a local community.



If you’ve been to these sorts of ‘walled villages’ before then this sort of layout will be familiar to you, if you haven’t then this will be a good change to release your inner explorer.  There are numerous little alleyways and side streets all of which link back to the main street, so if you go walking and exploring down these lanes (and I suggest you do) you’ll end up back where you started eventually.  Along these lanes there are ‘generals houses’, these were the former homes of notable generals from the past, each one a plaque of bilingual information for you to read should you wish.  There are a plethora of street snacks and vendors selling their wares, from tea to jewellery, and everything in between.  It’s a good chance to sample some local delicacy’s and you won’t break the bank by doing so either. The highlight of the fortress is a large sweeping courtyard which is best views from the walls of the fortress itself, where you can get a birds eye view of your surroundings, and feel like a general looking down on your troops.  The most surprising aspect of Dapeng Fortress is the splashes of character that are dotted around, it creates a pop culture juxtaposition with the ancient surroundings.

So if you fancy a day out of the city but don’t want to go too far then this is a good choice for you


Want to go?

Futian bus station take bus E26 or H92 to Dapeng then change to M471 to Dapeng Suocheng

From Yinghu bus station take bus E11 to Dapeng then change to M471 to Dapeng Suocheng

From Longgang bus station take bus 818 Dapeng then change to M471 to Dapeng Suocheng


Suggested time 6-8 hours (including travel)

For history lovers, local foodies, architecture buffs.



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