Setting up Hong Kong e-channel

The Hong Kong e-channel will allow you to cross in and out of HK using the electronic gates rather than going to an immigration official.  It will save you time, and most importantly at least for me, save you getting stamps on your pasport.


Who is eligible for Hong Kong’s E-Channel?

There are a few ways for foreigners to be eligible for Hong Kong’s Frequent Visitor E-Channel:

  • If you’ve entered Hong Kong at least three times in the past 12 months

  • If you’re a citizen of Australia, Germany, Singapore, or South Korea, you can register regardless of how often you’ve visited Hong Kong

My experience enrolling in Hong Kong’s E-Channel

The easiest way to enroll in the Hong Kong Frequent Visitor E-Channel is upon arrival at Hong Kong International Airport. Once you pass through immigration (before going to baggage claim), there are two enrollment centers. The enrollment center to the left of the immigration checkpoint is open daily from 7:30AM until 11PM, while the enrollment center to the right of the immigration checkpoint is open daily from 10AM until 6PM.

WeChat Image_20190617105700

Since we were arriving in the evening after one of the checkpoints had closed, we went to the enrollment center to the left.

The enrollment process literally took two minutes. She took my picture and my fingerprints, then entered some information into the computer, and then printed out a piece of paper for me to sign.

She then added a sticker on the back of my UK passport indicating that I had enrolled. There were no questions, or anything.




To be honest the process was very simple and easy.  I must stress that you need to have entered HK 3 times within 12 months to apply.  As someonw who goes to HK many times a month it saves me a LOT of time


Please note this doesnt work on China side of the border, only to enter and leave HK




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