Seasame Street Rock Shenzhen

Sesame Street comes to China

picture 5

Sesame Street is a well-known and much beloved educational children’s TV series.  It has been shown multiple countries around the world and chances are that, when you were a child you would have seen this at some point.  With bright colourful characters, and a strong educational theme it become a mainstay on our screens for years.  In fact in 2019 it celebrated its 50 year anniversary.

To commemorate this feat the Nanshan MixC Mall at Hi-tech Park has a Sesame Street theme for all to enjoy.  As you may have seen, malls in SZ often change themes every few months, with different characters coming and going, and now is the time for Sesame Street.   This mall is almost like a small community in itself, with a large outside area for people to roam around and enjoy.   Dotted around you will see all the famous Sesame Street characters you know and love, such as Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Elmo. This are large and well detailed colourful statues that the local children are enamored with.

You can take pictures with the various statues, in fact its encouraged.  Just be prepared to wait for your turn, especially on weekends when there are long lines.  Since this is a free ‘exhibition’ of such there are lots of families and children here, and the odd solo adult like myself.  So for any Sesame Street fan or if you’re simply curious, pop along and have a look.

Want to go?


Nanshan MixC Mall.

Hi-tech Park Metro station exit A (line 1)

The Mixc World, Nanshan District 26







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