Good coffee in Shenzhen

Shenzhen bay MixC produces good coffee

This is an incredibly photogenic and fashionable coffee shop located on the 2F of the also photogenic and fashionable Shenzhen Bay MixC shopping mall. This is a popular venue for younger people to come and relax due to it gorgeous interior design and it’s popular appeal online. With white everything, and excellent lighting this is a haven for photographers or vloggers to get their Insta fix. The coffee is truly excellent, with a variety of beans and freshly roasted on site everyday. It has a rich, smooth taste and is some of the best in Shenzhen.


The prices are at the higher end with a large latte setting you back 40 RMB. The seats are unfortunately very uncomfortable, and this is not a suitable venue for relaxation or working in. There are no food options available either which is another negative.

However this is worth visiting as it is a gorgeous location and high quality coffee


Chinese and Pinyin Name:

% Arabica・深圳万象城2号店

Place Address (English/Pinyin):

MixC Shenzhen Bay, Shop 266, 2/F, Nanshan, Shenzhen 南山区科苑南路2888号华润深圳万象城 L266号商铺 % Arabica・深圳万象城2号店

南山区科苑南路2888号华润深圳万象城 L266号商铺 % Arabica・深圳万象城2号店

Houhai metro station Exit H.  Walk forward to the mall.  2nd floor


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