Shenzhen pizza meetup

The first ShenzhenEat foody meetup was a roaring success! Hosted by our good friends at The
Pizza Factory, a popular and highly rated pizzeria in Nanshan district, a large of groups of 35+ diners left satisfied and full after 2 hours of good food and even better conversation.


From entry to exit I was impressed with the service and attitude of the staff.  Each staff member seemed to have a certain job to do, bringing the food, giving the water etc., and this made for a smooth experience. The waiting staff actually smiled a lot and were very friendly, something which is actually lacking in a lot of Shenzhen restaurants in my experience. The number system given to each customer worked well with no mistakes in the orders, and everybody receiving what they should have.  There was a delay with the salad, but a quick word to the manager rectified that in no time. Bringing 35+ custom made pizzas plus sides and drinks in a short space of time is not an easy feat so kudos has to go to the staff that night.



The DIY method is one that suits almost everybody, no matter what your taste is you can probably make a pizza that fits that.  With over 20 toppings to choose from the combinations are almost endless, with some preferring the classic style of pizza, or some going for a more adventurous style of pizza.  Not to my tastes but that’s the great thing, you can make it how YOU like it.  And boy oh boy did we see some interesting combinations on the night.  With the pizza only taking 3 minutes to cook (after being custom prepared) most people were shocked how fast it arrived, with the pizza virtually being brought to the table before they could even sit down!  Perfect speed for a hungry stomach.


The food was excellent, the wings were extremely popular and the portions of the sides were very generous.  The star of course was the pizza, with thin base, lots of cheese and toppings as you like, it went down a treat and I for one, will be back again in the future,  Finding it is the toughest part, but when you do the food will ensure you will be back for more.

ShenzhenEat foody meetup is a great way to introduce expats and locals alike to the delights of the Shenzhen food scene, and meet some new people at the same time.  With this city being the transient nature that it is, meeting people can actually be a tough thing to do, so come along to future meetups, eat some good food and meet some new people at the same time.  Well will be hosting these foody meetups all over the city so keep following the Shenzhen Eat official account for more information about future events, or ask to be invited into the foody group.

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