Foody meetup in Shenzhen

The second Shenzhen Eat foody meetup was a Sunday brunch held at the uniquely set F Cuisine restaurant in Shekou.  Located in the beautifully photogenic G&G creative space, this is a converted cargo container, which comprises of 2 floors which are surprisingly light and spacious.


A nice group of 25+ assembled for a power brunch of healthy food, some of which came to meetup 1 at The Pizza Factory, some coming for the first time.  All happy and in good spirits, talking away for a few hours, long after the food had been finished.


The food itself was excellent, large portions and very fresh.  The frittata was especially popular, with many being surprised with the portion size for such a low price.  The zoodles and avocado salad also being chomped down with gusto.  The drinks were refreshing and full of flavor, with the soda being imported from Thailand adding an exotic feel to the drink



Many of the diners commented the would indeed eat there again, and with F Cuisine being available on Shenzhen Eat this is an option for you each day.


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