Costume street in Shenzhen

Halloween and more

There are streets for almost everything in China, Shenzhen included, such as food streets, pedestrian streets, shopping streets and now we have ‘Costume Street’. Located as you exit the metro station, this small strip of a dozen or units are packed to the brim with an array of different costumes, suits, dresses pretty much anything you need for a performance, party or theme event such as Halloween.  The units are packed tightly so finding what you want or like is a bit of a task and the half the units were unmanned with nobody to ask for help. But with some perseverance you could no doubt find enough random things to put an outfit or costume together, some of the units also have a ton of accessories such as fake blood, cauldrons and witches’ capes.

This may be a random thing to blog about, but I thought it was a very Chinese style place and worth a share.

Hongling metro station exit C1

Hongli Lu, by Hongling Zhonglu (Northeast side), Luohu District 罗湖区红荔路和红岭中路交叉口东北边


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