Sheraton Dameisha Shenzhen

5 star luxury brunch in dameisha

Luxury hotel greeting at the Sheraton

After being greeted in lobby and swiftly taken into the dining room, we were blown away by the sheer quantity and quality in front of us. It put the Roman Emperors of old to shame for decadence. With stations for shellfish, sushi, sashimi, fois grai and much much more it was hard to know where to start.  Don’t neglect the Chinese food here also, although you may think you can ‘get it anywhere’, it really was divine in quality and left me speechless. I thought it would be a variation on the norm but actually was far superior. Even the bog standard street food of Rou jia Mo was better here!

My personal favourite was the smoked salmon and the steak, but the dessert section also took a beating .The doughnuts were exquisite and you can eve get candy floss here to bring out your inner child.  Its your money, you can get whatever you want!

The service is excellent with tons of staff hovering about and a lot of English speaking waiters if you need assistance. The drinks are a bit of a letdown, coffee was so so, tea was also nothing special.  The juices were great though.  No wine/champagne is included in this deal.

Sheraton swimming pool awaits you


Next on the agenda was use of the hotel facilities. After being fed and watered it was time for a swim and a sunbath. With indoor and outdoor pools to choose from plus jacuzzi and men’s sauna we were spoilt for choice, with most of us opting for a swim in the sun. The beach was a great addition too, clean and quiet perfect for a relaxing sunny Sunday. With several hours leisure time the choice was yours to make, pool or beach? Not a bad dilemma to have!  The pool is much better than before, having been rebuilt after the devasting typhoon, it is bigger and more luxurious than before, and even has an infinity pool now overlooking the ocean.


Dameisha beach as part of the Sheraton brunch

Costing 588 RMB this is not a cheap day out, nor should it be.  Considering it is a 5 star hotel it is still great value in my opinion. With a large and high quality brunch set, multiple facilities, and service of the highest quality you do get your moneys worth.


Getting here is the hardest part.  A did/or taxi from city centre likely to cost you 80-100 RMB or you can get bus M191 to right outside the door for 6 RMB.

No.9 YankuiRoad, Dameisha, YantianDistrict, Shenzhen 518083

Hotel website here


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