G&G creative space Shenzhen

Photographers haven in Shenzhen


G&G creative space in Shenzhen used to be the home of ING Market, a little place that  used to sell food and crafts, this however is long gone.  Now though what remains is a gorgeous building which is a popular spot for photography.

Beautiful area


Formally a glasses factory this is now a shell of a building that offers a great variety in architecture, lighting and has a gritty industrial feel.  The outside of the building is dotted with graffiti murals which gives it a lot of charm and character.

There are several ‘cargo containers’ turned coffeeshops/eateries here which adds to its appeal.  Including Chickadee bakery, greenmile coffee and F Cuisine vegetarian restaurant.  Bee Plus and Gaga are also nearby.

This is a place worth checking out.


Shuiwan metro station

No.9 Liyuan Road, Shekou, Shenzhen



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