Staying in a pod capsule hotel in Singapore

Now Singapore can be an expensive city, and as such it’s not the easiest place to travel on a budget.  So I found a solution. Capsule hotels.


Now I thought that these were only something that people did in Japan, but there are a whole sleuth of these popping up in the lion city.

Pod capsule hotel in Singapore

From the outside it looks futuristic, and a little small. kind of like a white coffin.  But its bigger than it looks

Some come with a TV
Comfortable and cosy
More room than it appears

I am 181cm and I can lie in it comfortably, and I can sit up in it too.  There is one socket, 2 USB ports, a pull down tray and some have a TV.  There are various lighting settings,  and good air ventilation.   It comes with a safe deposit box inside, and underneath there is a small locker for your bag

Comes with the main essentials

It is surprisingly comfortable, and had OK sleep.  It can wobble around a bit it the one above you is climbing in and out.

All in all its a good budget option both for Singapore and Asia in general.  it was 22 USD a night



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