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Little Papa North Indian restaurant is a mainstay in the Shenzhen community.  With multiple locations both in Shenzhen and across China, this is one of the success stories of this city.  First opening in 2004 under a different name, this is one of the longest running restaurants in the city, and it is a true testament to success in what is a brutally difficult city for F&B.  Located in the basement area of Shopping Park (coco park) metro this can be easily missed, but given its central location and good food, it is a great choice for those in Futian or beyond to get their Indian food fix.  There is a second location near the Huawei complex in Bantian district too.


The service is very good, polite and professional, as you would expect from a business with so much experience in the city. The service is also in both English and Chinese. The staff were knowledgeable about the dishes and able to make good recommendations.  You can ask for suggestions, or give your likes and appropriate dishes will be recommended to you, takes the hassle out of not knowing what to order. With two dining rooms, seating is ample and comfortable, suitable for both small and large crowds.


With a good size menu covering an array of dishes there are choices for everyone, including a very good vegetarian selection. As you would expect from a restaurant of this type, there are a variety of curries (meat and vegetarian), rice dishes, naan breads, and an assortment of other dishes that are sure to suit people of all tastes.  The food is mainly focused on North Indian style cuisine, with some interesting dishes on the menu.  The momo curry (dumplings) was particularly interesting. The first time I have seen it on a menu and makes for a good vegetarian choice too.  Another favourite dish at Little Papa is the pomfret fish, baked in a clay oven, this is soft and delectable. Such a great choice for lunch of dinner.




There is an extensive drinks menu here, including imported beers, cocktails and other alcohol. You can buy wine by the glass or bottle, and there is even champagne on the menu.  There is also a good tea and coffee selection should you want something lighter with your meal.  As one would expect with an Indian establishment there is also houkha available too.

If you are looking for good Indian food at a good price, with friendly service, centralised convenient location and choices for all, then look no further than Little Papa North Indian Restaurant.


Futian shopping park basement 18B metro station exit B 83174827



North gate 29th street S124 van ke city, Bantian Longgang Shenzhen (near bank of china )




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