Rooftop coffeeshop in Shenzhen

Shenzhen has no shortage of coffeeshops, in fact they are on every corner and in every shopping mall. There are so many it can be difficult to choose.  ‘Kong’ is part of the growing trend in Shenzhen of high floor cafes situated in office buildings.  One of the first to open this way Kong has had many replicas open in recent times but this remains as one of the most popular in the city.


Incredibly popular with the young office workers and those seeking the ‘hot spots’ in the city, it is normal for Kong to be packed full of eager people sipping coffee and admiring the views. It’s gained huge traction on social media as has become a ‘wanghong’ spot in Shenzhen. Its not unusual for every seat to be taken on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and it come sometimes feel like you are entering a personal photoshoot.



Since it is on the 38th floor the views of Futian CBD are quite tremendous, and due to the dense urban village style below you, it feels like you are much much higher. You can gaze over the rooftops and see the grimy older style buildings, and the shiny sleek CBD next to each other.  On a clear day uo can see the SZ-HK bridge and even parts of Bao’an. The photo opportunities here are fantastic and you can capture some incredible details of the sights below you.  There is a telescope there too for even closer detail


The menu here is pretty simple.  Standard selections of coffee and tea that you would expect, and a few different cakes and desserts, there are enough options.  They are decent enough with being great, but then that’s not why people come here.  It is a nice experience to sip a latte and gaze over the horizon.


The seating is comfortable enough, with tables, sofa and window seating available, although its not the kind of place you can sit long term, but its nice to relax in.  So if you are looking for something a bit different, a sky high café with a killer view, then Kong 3801 is the one for you.





Shixia metro station exit F

Kong, Room. 3801, Bldg A, Xintiandi Century Business Center, Shixiabei Er Jie, Futian District, Shenzhen



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