The Shenzhen Eye Ferris Wheel in Bao’an Shenzhen

The ‘Shenzhen Eye’ has become a new landmark of the city skyline and a rare attraction for Bao’an district. It makes for a fantastic photo opportunity, a fun ride, and just something to walk around and check out. It connects to a subway station so it is easy to get here

Ride information

The star attraction will of course be the Ferris Wheel or Eye.  It is 128M high and it really is quite an impressive sight to see. Tickets are 150RMB in person or 140RMB if you buy online. On weekday daytimes its very quiet with no waits. On weekends its much busier so expect to wait in line a little. Each gondola can fit 25 people in though so lines will go down quickly


Around the area there is a skate park, nice boardwalks, and a vastly improving mall with western and Chinese food and drink options. Standout options include AU Cafe ( for coffee lovers) and Shark/Azzuruo. Also check out the cool bookstore on level B1 of the mall

Check out this other Bao’an attraction here



Baohua Metro exit A2

Bao’an Metro exit B

Linhai metro exit A2


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