Dear Blue Cafe and Bistro Shekou

Dear Blue is a popular and high-quality restaurant in Shekou that has been gaining a good reputation within the Shenzhen F&B community.  Opened in Nov 2019, this has steadily and impressively won over many fans both in Shekou and beyond with its eclectic menu, attentive service, and of course it’s high quality food.

This could be categorized as a ‘fusion’ restaurant, but actually the ethos of the owners is to served ‘food that reminds you of home, wherever that might be’ Which is a lovely sentiment especially in times where travel is quite difficult.  This is a store with many facets, it’s a great choice for a casual coffee with friends or as a place to relax and recharge, but there is more.  It’s also a chance to try something a little different, expand your food horizons, or try some of your favourite dishes from around the globe, prepared and presented in a ‘real fashion’.  No gimmicks here, just high-quality dishes prepared with care and attention.

The décor has a minimalist clean feel to it, slowing for great lighting and a relaxed atmosphere. The food here does the talking. It’s an intimate venue with only a few tables, however it doesn’t feel ‘full’ even when it is busy, allowing you to enjoy your table conversations in peace without disturbing or being disturbed.

Since it opened ‘Dear Blue’ has created a number of signature dishes on its menu that have proven quite popular with its guests. The waffle dishes in particular have become a hallmark of this establishment, so much so that regular all you can eat waffle events occur on a semi frequent basis. These come as savoury and sweet and are a must try if visiting.

The risotto was is also highly recommended.  Packed with flavor, creamy and thick, while remaining al dente as it should.  This was accompanied by perfectly cooked sea-bass.  A real treat both for the eyes and stomach.

There are a number of interesting seafood items on the menu too, such as spicy calamari salad, lobster bisque, lemon garlic drunken mussels and pan-fried sea-bass.  These are tremendous value for money which is another hallmark of ‘Dear Blue’

It would be reticent for me to talk about ‘Dear Blue’ without touching upon the meat dishes.  And boy oh boy are there some good meat options here.  The pork loin was sensational, juicy and tender. A big chunk of pan-fried Spanish pork, this was a real highlight.  The steak is Australian grain fed rib eye, and is sure to satiate any carnivore.

I cannot list every item on the menu as this article would go on all day, but there is also an assortment of burgers and pastas on the menu for you to enjoy too. Weekend brunch is a must here too with a good selection of dishes allowing to chill with friends and enjoy a lazy Sunday.


The drinks menu is also extensive and impressive. The coffee is great value for money, using —- coffee beans and providing great taste and a much needed caffeine boost to those who partake.  There is not only the usual coffee selections you find anywhere (latte/cappuccino/etc) but a range of speciality coffees such as Sunrise (lemon sparkling coffee) and Mount Fuji (butterfly pea flower extract and popping candy).  There is also an extensive soda, fruit tea, fruit juice and non coffee selection available. As well as a small beer and cocktail selection


Dongjiaotou metro ( line 2 ) Exit A/B


Shop 024, Shekou Mansion, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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