Beef Bar by Anthony

The food was superb, the freshly shucked oysters and the seared scallops providing a real taste of the ocean and you could immediately tell these were high end products.  The scallops especially were probably the best I have had in Shenzhen and the sauce they were in can only be described as divine.  I wish I could have it on everything.

The star was the steak, which is what one would expect from a ‘Beef Bar’. Cooked to perfection, it was so tender, just falling apart in your mouth. It is slow cooked and everyone agreed it was a fantastic piece of meat.

The aperol spritz provided a bit of glamour to the evening and the luxurious surroundings allowed us to relax and enjoy the evening.   Our group also sampled numerous cocktails which provided a little touch of magic and style to the night.


Shenzhen Bay Sports Center B103

地址 深圳湾体育中心B103 (大地广场)

Houhai metro station


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