Body Chefs healthy meal plans and restaurant in Shenzhen

Body Chefs is a healthy food restaurant that specializes in ‘meal plans’ which is a unique and much needed concept in SZ.

For those who might not know, meal plans are basically when you get meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner, cooked and prepared for you and delivered to your home so you can heat and eat at your convenience.    You can customize how many of these you have delivered, from the full package (breakfast, lunch, dinner & two snacks) or simply just get 1 or 2 delivered.

Meal plan example

This a good option for various different people.  Those who want to carefully control their diet, the serious gym goer, or even those who have a busy lifestyle and want to eat a healthy balanced meal without needing to buy/cook/prepare it.


Body chefs opened around 2 years ago and since then its gone from strength to strength.  The meal plans are developed in cooperation with F45 gym and then cooked and prepared by Paul, his wife and his team.   The physical store is in Shekou, but you can order online through Body Chefs, Shenzhen Eat or Meituan. 

How does it work?

Delivery happens the evening before, so that the food is good to go the next day.   It’s packaged using as little plastic as possible, trying to utilize pulp or paper. And booking must happen 48 hours in advance.  You can select 1, 2 or even all the dishes for 1 day or 1 week or beyond.    The meal plan runs for 7 weeks with a break of 3 weeks in-between.

The food

Now just because it’s a healthy meal plan doesn’t mean its not diverse, interesting and delicious.  It actually might surprise you.  Dishes such as laksa, Vietnamese rainbow salad, avocado toast, Mediterranean chicken and even treats like chocolate brownies. This will be packed and delivered to you read to eat (if cold dish) or easy to warm up and eat (if hot dish)

More food

Additional Body Chefs does a range of Ala carte dishes available to dine in or order for delivery.  These follow the trend of being healthy and nutritious and are actually a meal in themselves.  The portions are deceptively big.  I especially liked the Thai noodle salad and the Acai bowl. 

acai bowl
chicken pesto panini
quinoa and millet

And if that’s not enough you can also get a range of great tasting energy gels, endurance snacks and protein bars. 

protein bars
Endurance snacks

Body chefs is a great choice if you want to eat healthily and more importantly eat well

How to order

Add the wechat above


Shop.5 No.9 Gongyuan S. Road, Nanshan, Shenzhen



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