Penny Black Jazz Bar in Shenzhen OCT LOFT

Jazz bar at OCT Loft, recently renovated and much bigger and improved.  I love the outdoor seating on the terrace and the intimate seating indoors.  The pictures and paraphernalia add to the jazz feel and make it a very cool spot.

Service is excellent here and its bilingual too.  There are jazz performances every night at 9pm and 3pm (on weekends) follow the official wechat account for schedules

The food here was a great surprise. The salmon bruschetta was excellent and a generous salmon portion. The soft texture balanced the crunch.  The burger was pretty good and at 80RMB good value for the location.  Greek salad had a generous portion of feta cheese and olives, always a winner.  Pizza, pasta, steak are also available.

There is an extensive whiskey selection here as well as a large cocktail menu. Cocktails are 108RMB which is standard SZ price. IPA was 60RMB (a tad high for Firestone) would be nice

if they sold a local ipa since there are so many (NBeer, ET, Crafthead).

The live music is excellent and a real classy way to spend an evening. I really recommend.


No. 134, Bldg A5, OCT-Loft North Area, Xiangshan Dong Jie, Nanshan District




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