Qiniangshan mountain hiking in Shenzhen

Qiniangshan is the second highest peak in SZ behind Wutong.  It’s a challenging hike but it makes up for it with some amazing views of the ocean, of HK, and of the city below you. 

There is a wild route for this hike but the guard usually prevents entry, so the most common option is through the main gate and up the stairs.  At 800M or so this can be punishing for inexperienced hikers but was quite easy for myself.

There are many rest stops along the way, and many view points.  The mountain actually has 4 main view points which are clearly signposted and marked. 

At the top there are wide open clearings for lunch or to fly a drone or take a rest. 


After this there are 3 different mini peaks you can climb to get different points of view and some different scenery. 

You go back down the same way.   Please note there are limited places to buy water so bring enough.  Also no toilets except for the start of the hike.

The trail is easy to follow and impossible to get lost. 

Traffic is really bad usually so try to arrive early and leave early (before 5pm)

There is also a Dapeng geology museum at the bottom is you wanted to take a look


I suggest to get a taxi to this location as the entrance is right here

Chinese and Pinyin Name: 大鹏半岛国家地质公园 

There is no subway currently here and buses will take a long time so just get a shared taxi.


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