Luofu Mountain Hike Huizhou

Luofu mountain is one of the spiritual mountains of GD with this one having a strong Taoist culture.  There is a famous temple here which people come and worship at.

This hike is tough. Very tough.  The route I took was 18KM and took 7 hours. It’s very steep and has a lot of ‘up & down’.  Its almost 1300M high so not for beginners.

The views are incredible with a golden mountain top, views of the town below you as well as some water features and reservoirs.

There are cable cars to take you up as well as buggy buses but these stop at 5pm

How to get there:

From Guangzhou: take a bus from Tianhe Coach Terminal  to Luofu Mountain (Boluo county/RMB40). Or, take a train from Guangzhou East Railway Station to Huizhou Railway Station (not Huizhou South Railway Station). From there, take a cab or bus (208, 209, 5, or 11) to Huizhou Coach Terminal, where you can catch a shuttle bus to the scenic area.

From Shenzhen: take the train from Shenzhen Railway Station (RMB18.5/hard seat) or Shenzhen East Railway Station to Huizhou Railway Station (RMB16.5/hard seas) then follow the same travel tips listed above.


No. 11, Eling Bei Lu, Changning Town, Boluo County, Huizhou, Guangdong



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