Morse Coffee in Nanshan Shenzhen

Morse Coffee is one of the Shenzhen success stories, a local business that is doing really well.  And they have recently opened a new large flagships style store at the flashy Hi Tech Park MixC Mall.   This is a ‘Morse Coffee Roastery’ in which you get more of an experience than you would at their other branches.   This is the way that coffee-shops seem to be going now with the big chains also doing this.


This Morse unlike it’s others has different stations where you can try or purchase different styles of coffee like SOE drip coffee, nitro cold brew coffee, standard barista style coffee.  You can also watch the coffee beans being roasted as they have a big machine in the store. The Gesha drip coffee was particularly good, and it’s very popular in China right now, but be prepared to pay for a cup.   

There is a large outdoor seating area which would be cool to chill during a nice sunny day, as well as a lot of indoor seating which follow the Morse ascetics. Soda the dog is a prominently displayed as he is the mascot of the store and very cute.


The menu is a little different here to the other branches, while the bagels remain and are as good as always, there are a couple of new items such as bagel bowls, which is like a bread bowl made from bagel filled with curry.  Not a combination I would usually go for but very good nonetheless. I usually just stick with the chicken pesto bagel or the classic bagel.

The staff are very friendly and well trained as well as being skilled baristas.   While I would probably go the Futian location more often than this one just because it is closer, I would definitely frequent this branch if I was in the area. 



9668 Shennan Dadao, Yuehai Jie, Nanshan District


Nanshan MixC Mall at hi Tech Park station exit A

The building with the giant elephant on. Level 3


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