Le Comptoir French Restaurant Shekou Shenzhen

Le Comptoir is a French restaurant in the Peninsula area of Shekou. It is operated by Nogogo (imported supermarket) Supermarket which in turn is run by Shanghai based Epermarket. As a result they have consistent access to high quality ingredients via their own supply chain.

The layout and decoration is very classy, with ample seating available. I like that you can view the deli counter to see all the meats and cheeses available to buy, its good to know what is actually going to be used in your dishes.

The smoked salmon was excellent, very fresh and high quality. Perfect start to the meal. I’m a sucker for salmon so it’s always a winner for me.

The burger was excellent too, much better than I expected and something I will go back and have again. I liked that the bread was different to the usually burger style bun.

Dessert was a little sour and sweet, a nice tangy combination and a good way to end the meal. Coffee was very nice too and good value.

The service was informative, friendly and efficient. I can see myself coming back here many times.


Nanhai Rose Garden 3 , Building 7 , Shop 7-109 Shekou Street , Nanshan District Shenzhen


07558655 0856

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