Crossing from Shenzhen to Hong Kong (no quarantine)

Crossing from Shenzhen to Hong Kong isn’t as bad as you think, in fact it’s rather painless

Enter here and follow directions

I suggest you read the process yourself at

First priority is you need to stay in Guangdong province for 14 consecutive days.  Without doing this you are ineligible for quarantine free crossing

Key information

Next you need to book your crossing. This can be done 14 days in advance.  Make sure the details are correct.

Next step is complete the china customs declaration form. This can be done 24 hours ahead and you’ll get a qr code. This will save you time

Fill this in 24 hours before and save the QR code.

You also need to convert your code (GHC) to generate a HK code (see pic below). Follow those steps.  You can get a local community test, no need to get a hospital one.  I suggest you save the screenshot.  You can continue to use the normal healthcode in the meantime

Download the ‘leave home safe’ APP. They require this at the exit but no wifi or phone signal will be present.  So do it ahead of time.

After you exit you can get a taxi tl wherever or a local bus. I got bus B3M to Tuen Mun MTR station.  Then can go anywhere. It’s up to you.

Public bus information
Taxi available

If you stay at a hotel they will require to see your HK greencode, triple vaccination proof (can use the international travel form or hospital form).  That’s about it. Business as usual.

Please note this is not about going back into the mainland. That is NOT quarantine free


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