Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong Airport is now a ghost town.  So try not to arrive too early because there is nothing to do.

There is a McDonald’s and 7/11 open BEFORE security crossing only. 

After you cross security there is Putien (Singapore) restaurant, Mannings (pharmacy) and 1 cake/coffee shop.  That’s literally it.   Many empty seats around so you can rest or lounge around.

After you pass the section for ‘gate 10′ you can’t turn back. So choose your timing carefully. Masks need to be worn at all times.  Lots of bathrooms are open and USB charging stations

It’s really sad to see a once thriving airport so empty. 


Getting to HKIA is the same as usual from Hong Kong itself. You can read how to get there here

You can also get the ferry from Shenzhen (better to research this yourself)


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