Hiking through the Tengger Desert at Inner Mongolia in China

Solo trekking through the Tengger Desert in Inner Mongolia. This was a surreal, unreaĺ, immensely difficult task but remains one of my proudest accomplishments to date

Located in the far Northwest of China the Tengger Desert is a vast empty area of wilderness there is nothing around except for desolate sand.

However this doesn’t mean it’s without charm. It’s actually nice in it’s own way. With a real sense of nature. There is beauty here too with the sand dunes providing excellent backgrounds to the horizon.

Advice and Tips

Bring stuff to cover your skin. Sleeves, sunhat with neck cover, long pants, gloves, sunglasses etc.

Bring a ‘camel pack with water’ it gets very dry

Wetwipes or tissues, there are limited bathrooms available and they are awful

Bring gaiters to stop sand going in your shoes


Generally speaking, tourists are likely to start their trip from Yinchuan or Zhongwei which are about 130 kilometers (80 miles) and 180 kilometers (110 miles) away respectively.

From Yinchuan: Take a long-distance bus at Yinchuang Passenger Station to Shapotou, and get off at Tengger Desert. It takes about 2 hours.


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