Thailand Bangkok Floating Market

The famous floating market, and unlike others which are standing markets floating on water, this one uses boats to buy&sell.  there are many in the Bangkok area but this is probably the most well known one.

You go around and stop where you request.  Some sellers have fixed stalls some have boats that come to you. The coconut ice cream selling boat had some delicious stuff.  You can barter on prices but don’t be too harsh, they are only trying to make a living. You can buy art, trinkets, clothes, toys and the usual souvenir stuff.

You can also float around and see the houses and the local life here.  Completely different to the western world but they seemed happy.  This is a good opportunity to see these kinds of floating houses up close.


Covid has really hit this place hard and it’s very quiet with very few tourists and boats, but things have been picking up month on month.

Want to go?

Damnoen Saduak Damnoen Saduak Ratchaburi 70130

By public transport

To get to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market from Bangkok, ride the BTS Skytrain to Bang Wa Station. Then, catch a taxi going to Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai). From there, take bus #78 to Damnoen Saduak. The total journey time is around 2 hours, with a cost of about 50 Baht per way.

The bus starts operating at 6 AM and leaves every 40 minutes. Since bus #78 drops you about 1 km away from the floating market, you need to take a taxi again to reach the market.

Upon arrival at Damnoen Saduak market, hop aboard the electric boat and tour around the floating market. The entire boat ride lasts for about 1 hour.

This costs around 800 Baht per person, or roughly 1500 Baht per boat. Beware of scammers because they might charge you 2000 Baht per person for 1-hour boat ride




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