What is Wanderlust Welshman

Now at 1st glance this blog can seem a bit jumbled.  I’ve got blogs about me daily life, in depth blogs about places to see and go, and even restaurant/cafe reviews.

Well yes thats true. Basically the aim of this blog is just to talk about life in SZ.  Living, travelling, coping, surviving, enjoying, eating, drinking and teaching.  Everything.   If I think somewhere is a must visit place in SZ, I’ll write about it, how to get there, what you can see/do etc, and since I explore a lot of places there will bea lot to talk about.  If I think that a restaurant is high quality or cool then ill review it.  As a keen coffee drinker, a great coffeeshop is not always easy to find, so if i go to one ill talk about it.   I will also talk a lot about teaching ESL in China.

As with anything new mistakes will be made.  I’m learning how to do this so I appologise that its not perfect.  Just keep checking in.

Loving life

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