ESL Goldilocks for young learner

It can be difficult to keep thinking of fresh new ideas for your esl classes.  Especially as the kids have good memories and can remember anything even vaguely similar that has been done in the past.  So something I do is think back to classic stories from when I was a kid,  and boy are there many to choose from.

I’ve used all the fairytale classics such as 3 little pigs, red riding hood, jack and the beanstalk etc.  This example is Goldilocks.



Basically  We read a PDF of the story.  I get this from a google search or from here or from here

next its an animated version of the story.  usually a web rip from you tube,  I use Pink Fong.     here

Next I ask them to draw the story in their own pictures.  Just 4 pictures.  What happened/where/who etc.  This is a fun way of expressing creativity and checking they understood what we actually just read.

Here is an example of that.


I’m not an ESL expert.  Just sharing what has worked for me in the past.


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