Dim Sum A Cantonese Tradition

When in the land of cantonese eat dim sum.  Dim sum is basically ‘yum cha’ or taking tea.  Its a super popular meal in China especially southern Guangdong province and in HK.  its usually had at atound 10/11am but can be had early in morning or even late at night. Most of the ‘good’ Dim Sum places will have loooooong waiting times especially on weekends where you can wait for hours.  You take a number and wait for them to call you,  then sit and enjoy.  The meal should really take a few hours, with lots of laughing and joking, and tons and tons of tea.


I’ll share some of my favourite dishes from dim sum as well as some of my worst ones

best 1st

Shrimp Dumplings
Macau style egg tarts

Shrimp dumplings, I love shrimp so this is an easy winner for me.

Macau style egg tarts, sweet and crumbly pastry, the best available are in Macau but these ones are pretty good too.

Changfen, hard to describe what this is.  But its delicious, dripping in soy sauce its salty and savoury, usually a breakfast choice but its good with dim sum too.

Now the worst ones

The tripe is honestly the worst thing ive ever eaten in my life, disgusting.  texture, taste, smell.

chickens feet are rubbery and tasteless, veey popular with women because they say the collagen is good for the skin.

No idea
Chicken Feet

All in all I’d say to definatley eat dim sum, even if you live in a western country.  But if you live in China then 100% do as the Romans do.

Please check out my blog about Hong Kong milk tea here

My favourite drink in Asia



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