My favourite drink in Asia

The Alley  The social media drink.

Every time I walk past this milk tea shop, there ALWAYS seems to be a long queue, I never understood why.  So I decided to find out why, heres what I found out.

The Alley Hong Kong milk tea

Social Media

It’s a Hong Kong Milk Tea company that specialises in what’s called ‘deerioca’ its their own tapioca bubbles they add to their drinks. It is gaining popularity around the world with franchises popping up in Asia and in the US and Australia now.  But aside from the taste why is it so darn popular?  Social media is the answer.  Customers go here, have a drink, take a picture and watch their wechat/weibo explode with likes and comments.  So many people seem to. have heard about this place online that has made it the ‘must go place’, especially for the younger crowd.

hong kong milk tea. The Alley

Heavenly drink

What I liked about this place is that as well as the milk tea drinks, you can get a standard milk drink (no tea).  And this is what I ordered. The deerioca brown sugar milk, uses brown sugar balls and fresh milk. Its sweet, its creamy, it uses hot sugar balls and ice in the drink which combine in a way to make this instantly drinkable.  I LOVED it.  Also tried the deerioca matcha milk, which is as above except it uses matcha flavouring too to give it that extra edge. I fell in love with these drinks, really surpassed my expectations.  I’d recommend anyone to go there and try for yourself.   And now I’m happy to say these are popping up all over the city, more chances for me to drink!  The vibe inside is cool and young, perfect for a few selfies (which everybody seem to be doing), or just to chat to friends and enjoy the drink.

Let me know what you think by commenting below.  Would you drink it? 


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