So Fun Land. Creative space in SZ

SoFun Land – Creativity in the urban jungle

Shenzhen has several creative spaces, from the ubiquitous OCT LOFT, to the lesser known I-Factory, they are popping up more and more frequently.  Usually in disused or abandoned factories/buildings, these have been re-purposed with cafes, stores, restaurants, bars and art galleries.  The rustic urban feel is a nice juxtaposition to some of the contemporary art and design that is housed in these spaces



SoFun Land however is different.   Unlike the thriving OCT LOFT, this is a complete ghost town.  With shuttered restaurants, closed cafes and very little foot traffic, you would be hard pressed to know you were in Shenzhen.  In previous years this used to a busy little spot, especially with the students from the local university campus but for whatever reason it is not anymore.


Another creative community here! OCT LOFT Shenzhen

Graffiti Land

The stand out part of SoFun Land is the graffiti.  Huge murals on the side of buildings, or tiny pieces sprayed into the corners, this will have something everyone will smile at.  Any fan of The Big Bang Theory especially will enjoy it, because of the massive artwork of Sheldon Cooper on the side of the building.  Most definitely a selfie worthy picture! In fact you are flanked on either side by building size graffiti.  This was a first for me and it’s a very memorable experience as I’m sure it will be for anyone reading this.  You can spend an age just walking around seeing how much graffiti you can spot here.  Many of the graffiti has pop culture reference and it will bring a smile to your face.  I would estimate there are over 100 bits of graffiti are or more here, so get spotting and get snapping!


Food and drink options are limited here with most places being closed, if you want a coffee to go you can grab one from GEE but that’s about it.   Jardin Orange is also located here if you wanted to see some local art.

Want to go?

Tanglang metro station (line 5 ) Exit D.  Walk forward for around 15-20 mins.

133 Tangxing Lu, Nanshan District


Shenzhen graffiti wall!! Shenzhen graffiti wall



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