Shenzhen graffiti wall

The Shenzhen graffiti wall, the cities best kept secret.

Hidden away in a park in Luohu lies a big piece of Shenzhen creativity that most of its 14 million inhabitants don’t even know that it exists.  And that is the Shenzhen graffiti wall.  Over 1km long wall, completely plastered with all forms of graffiti art, from tags of the artists to popular culture figures, this place has it all.  So what actually is it?


Now HongHu park is not a place you would associate with art in the slightest, its just a normal park (more information can be found in previous Crafty Marketing article ‘Parks in Shenzhen’). It can be nice when the lotus flowers are in bloom, and is a nice break up from the hustle and bustle of the manic city life, but it is not a special out of the ordinary place at all.  It was 3 years ago, during one of my typical random explores that I came across this.  Visiting HongHu park for the 1st time I wanted to explore from top to bottom, and since I love park walking this was no problem for me.  Then much to my surprise I stumbled upon this long wall which jumped out at me due to its wild colours and designs.  On closer inspection I saw it was filled with unique, and very cool spray paint style graffiti art.

The original creative space in Shenzhen OCT LOFT Shenzhen



This wall is long, over 1KM and its covered in the weird and wonderful and I’m sure there will be something for everyone here.  From Rick and Morty, the QQ penguin, robotic chickens with human brains right through to demonic monkeys, there will be something that will make you stop and smile.  Incredibly picture worthy, you can just stroll along at your own pace, snapping away or just admiring the creativity of it all.  And the best thing is that there will likely be NOBODY else nearby. I’ve been to most of the creative spaces in SZ, and for me this is most definitely worth an hour of any bodies time.


How to get to the wall. 

Enter the park from the main gate at metro exit.  Walk in a straight line, crossing some bridges, but generally in a forward direction

Nearby the toilet there is a bridge. The wall stretches along here



How to get to HongHu Park

HongHu metro (line 7) Exit D

Bus 27/33/63/80/213/300B/303/307/309/312/313/322/323/357/363/366/369/377/M181  to HongHu Park

Please read my guide to ANOTHER creative space.  SoFun Land

So Fun Land. Creative space in SZ





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