Shenzhen university

Shenzhen university –  more than just a place of learning



Now when one thinks of a university, relaxation and nature are perhaps not the two words that come to mind. However, as is so often the case with all things China, things are different here.  I’ve been to many universities over China from Beijing to Guangzhou, and common theme among them is big!  And Shenzhen university is no exception to this.  I remember being awed at the size of it, especially compared to universities back in my home county of the UK.


Now of course SZU is primarily a place for study, and it has a large student base of both Chinese and international students.  And as you walk around you will see students from all walks of life buzzing around going from class to class both on foot and by bike.   But Shenzhen University is also a GREAT place to walk around and explore.  It’s almost a scenic spot in itself.  With its ample grounds, beautiful nature and abundant space it’s the perfect place for a walk to clear your head and relax in the big city.



The focal point of the ground is the large lake, this is a perfect spot to sit and people watch, or you can feed the ducks.  Its nice to walk around and soak up some sunshine and nature, forgetting you’re actually I the middle of a big busy city.   There is also a shady path you can walk on, which has many flowers and fruit trees around you, many of the old buildings and departments are dotted around too.

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A hidden gem of these ground is undoubtedly the greenhouse.  Full of tropical plants and flowers it’s a visual treat for the eyes.  You can just walk in, take photos or just simply have a look.  The grounds are open to the public.

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You can walk around at your leisure, but if you didn’t want to there are golf cart shuttles running every few mins in all directions.  Just hop on and off at designated signposted stops.  The campus grounds are like a small town in itself with a bank, shops, restaurants, milk tea stores and more so you won’t go hungry or thirsty here.    To get here you can take any number of gates/entrances either from Shenzhen university metro or from Taoyuan metro depending what is easier for you.

Time 1-2 hours.  For nature lovers, peace and quiet seekers.




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