Guide to the parks in SZ


Even though the weather is getting cooler and winter is coming, going to the park will always be a fun and easy option to do. Whether it be a post lunch walk or an early morning stroll there is a park in SZ for everyone.  The problem is, and it’s a nice problem to have, is which park to go to. SZ is officially a garden city due to its ample green spaces so the choices are abundant.

This is a quick run down of 15 park options in SZ.  Before you read, I KNOW I’ve left some out. I simply had to stop somewhere.  If you feel there are other parks that deserve a mention, please leave a comment below.

Lianhuashan Park. The biggest and most well-known of all the parks in SZ.  This is a stalwart of Trip Advisor top 10 things to do. The best choice for a lounge on the grass or a picnic and a great place to fly a kite. You can also ‘hike’ to the top and see a statue of famous grandpa Deng and have a magnificent view of the civic centre below you.  One of the easiest and safest choices.
Children’s palace metro station.  Exit F

lianhuashan-park-1 - Copy
Visit Grandpa Deng
lianhua - Copy
View from Lianhuashan

Lychee/Litchi Park. Perfect for a daytime stroll this is a popular park but not overly busy. You can walk around the lake or even boat on it. And some nice photo opportunities of KK100 and the Diwang Building jump out at you. There’s another chance to see Grandpa Deng with a ginormous portrait of him outside the park gate.  Grand Theatre metro station exit B

Lake in Litchi park

This park can also be entered via Hongling metro station exit E for different views


Bijiashan park. One of my favourites.  This park covers a huge area and has tons of trees to provide shade for a midday walk. This is a cornucopia of nature but beware of the snakes!   A short hike up the stairs gives you a stunning view of the city vista below.  The lack of people makes this great for a head clearing stroll.  No metro near can get bus 11/12/30/58/58/79/209/234/302/323/357/365/398/m202/m207

view from Bijia Hill Park

Central Park. Benefits of this are its central location (clue is in the name) and it’s got a lot of green space. Sporting facilities also available here such as tennis and football.  Has a small stream down the middle and a nice bridge to walk over. Good for a bike ride around too.  Within walking distance of metro lianhuashan or can get bus 41/65/80/234/236/373/375/395

Central Park

Yuanboyuan park.  Detailed article can be found on previous crafty marketing post. This is a mixture of different style gardens from all over China. Aged but has unique charm this is my absolute favourite park. Check out the pagoda early in the morning for the monk’s daily worship.  Lots of charm in this park and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as me. Can get bus 21,26,101,113,121,204,209,210,223,232,234,245,327,338,m372,m391,m433,m448,m488 to Yuanboyuan  The bus stop is right outside South Gate .

Best park in Shenzhen

Jelly babies in this unique park

Shenzhen Bay Park. Perfect place for a bike ride by the ocean.  But can be a madhouse on the weekend. Nice spot for a picnic under a palm tree too. Popular location morning noon and night.  This connects all the way to Seaworld now too so multiple start and end points. Not my favourite park but its easy to get to and has a great sunrise.  Good for bird watching too.  Shenzhen Bay Park metro line 9.

Shenzhen Bay Park

Talent Park. Relatively new park which has opened in the Houhai area.  This gives you a chance to be near the sea (like sz bay park) but without the sea of people. This also connects to both SZ bay park and to SeaWorld.   Unique statues adorn this green space.  It’s immaculately kept and is very quiet.  A nice view of the bamboo building is available. No bikes allowed (yay!). Houhai metro station exit H


Sihai park. Possibly the smallest on the list this is located in the Shekou area. It’s worth a visit because it has the largest bull statue in all of China and it’s quite a sight! This park will have lots of locals fishing and playing cards. Or napping on benches. Bus number 70/79/204/390 to Hua Guo Shan

Biggest Bull Statue in SZ

HongHu park. Located between Luoho and Longgang this park has a large lake which (when in season) has an abundance of colourful lotus flowers.  If you go during the season it’ll be packed with locals and selfie mania will be everywhere. The best part about this park and lesser known is the graffiti wall.  This is a long wall that goes from one side of the park to the other and has an array of spray paint graffiti on it.  Most definitely a hidden SZ secret.   HongHu metro exit D.  Bus 27/33/63/80/213/300B/303/307/309/312/313/322/323/357/363/366/369/377/383/

Lotus flower in bloom

DongHu park.  East lake park is known for its (suprise suprise ) lake.  Located deep in luoho this can be a chore to get too. It’s very big and one of the older ones in SZ. No real stand out features here in my opinion.  However during autumn/winter period they have interesting sculptures made from flowers such as teapots and rubiks cubes which are a lot of fun. Huangbeiling metro station then get number 10 bus

Renmin park or people’s park. This is a great park for any fan of rose flowers.  It has a huge area dedicated to roses of all colours and sizes.  Another lake in this park gives the local fisherman a chance to come out in force. It’s a quaint park and one I’ve been to many times.  Shaibu metro station exit D1

WeChat Image_20190529104207

Lixiang park. Short hop from SZ University this is a medium size park that’s good for a walk. It’s very green and has large areas for a picnic. Many trees provide adequate shade during the hot days.  A huge globe shape statue provides a unique photo too.  Taoyuan metro station exit A


Honey park. Another recent addition to SZ and another park in immaculate pristine condition. This has a lot of green, a nice pond, and a rose garden. No bikes allowed makes this easy to walk and it’s not so busy even on the weekends.  This is a great park for nature lovers with lots of birds, fish and frogs.  Nonglin metro station on line 7.

Zhongshan park. Just the 1 visit for me to this park. Bus is needed to get here.  Wasn’t impressed with my visit.  It’s green and decent to walk around. But didn’t have anything special here.  There are better options available.  Bus number 21/22/37/201/226/332

Shenzhen, China - July 5, 2010 - Statue of Sun Yat-sen at Zhongshan Park Shenzhen
Shenzhen, China – July 5, 2010 – Statue of Sun Yat-sen at Zhongshan Park Shenzhen

Fairy lake. More of a botanical garden than a park, it deserves a mention due to its popularity and high position on trip advisor and lonely planet.  There is so much to do and see here, this is an entire day trip of its own.  From the butterfly garden to the petrified forest, Buddhist temple to the lake the options are varied and wonderful.  If you want to know more there is a previous Crafty article about this.  Huangbeiling station exit C then get the bus M182

Botanical Gardens in SZ



Longhua music park.  This is a park dedicated to music and culture.  Its very new and very pristine, classical music is piped out of speakers making your walk very serene.  Musical statues are dotted around and its beautifully green.  There’s a nice viewing platform to get a sweeping view from below.  Baishilong metro station exit C


Shenzhen University.  Unusual choice to make the list maybe but the university grounds really are beautiful.  With a large lake and shady paths its great to walk or bike around.  There is also a greenhouse with exotic plants to get your nature fix for the day.  The grounds are huge so this can be a day all in itself.  Multiple entrances can use either Shenzhen University station or Taoyuan station exit A


Moon Bay Park


Moon Bay park also. This is yet another newly opened park in Shenzhen and like many others, is pristine, green and wonderfully landscaped.  Walking around here is an absolute treat, and because of its location it is one the quieter parks in the city.  Medium sized this has the usual plethora of park items such as cute benches, water features, flowers and fauna and green trees everywhere. Moon Bay park connects directly with ‘Evergreen Resort’ so combining the two is very easy.


Li wan metro station on line 5.  exit c


Futian pet park

This small park is designed to be dog friendly and encourages you to bring your furry friend.  with ample greenery, little statues and fresh air it is a nice place to walk your dog.



Meijing metro station exit A2



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