Honey Park

Honey Park – a sweet escape from the city

Stop and smell the roses

Shenzhen has no shortage of parks, In fact choosing which one to go to can be a task in itself. One of the newer ones to pop up in the city is Honey Park.  Built around 1 year ago this slice of Futian greenery is well worth your time to check out.   As with most SZ parks, it is impeccably green and devoid of litter, a testament to the staff who are working there.


It’s not the biggest of parks, you could walk around it in an hour or so, but it has a lot of nice features to it.  As is typical with parks there is a small pond/lake, it’s the focal point of the park and sometimes you’ll see some ducks swimming along.

Honey park pond

There is a good size rose garden, with a plethora of colours and shapes to suit all floraphiles, these are usually in bloom in some form or another all season long and make for a colorful walk.

One of Shenzhen’s largest rose gardens

There are lots of green spaces for you to sit and rest and plenty of benches under shady trees too. There is a nice walkway bridge which gives nice views of the park and is artistic style in its architecture.


The star of this park is the nature, with birds singing, frogs croaking, butterflies, dragon flies and bees buzzing, it’s a cornucopia of nature. But be quick if you want to capture the birds on film, they move fast.

WeChat Image_20190529104121
Honey Park roses

There are no bikes allowed here and it is not particularly busy even on weekends.     There are multiple bathrooms and lots of shops nearby.


Want to go?


Nonglin metro station exit C and walk forward for a few minutes


Time 1-2 hours.  For nature lovers, peace and quiet seekers, bird watchers.



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