Most beautiful library in Shenzhen?


This wouldn’t ordinarily make any list of places to see in Shenzhen, but it makes this one because of ‘the most beautiful small library in the city’.  Tucked away deep in Bao’an this is a chore to get to. As you walk to the park you’ll be dodging ebikes and navigating a construction site, but it is a nice little quirky oasis in the city.  The area will appear dead quiet, and it is, mainly because there is no real reason for the locals to come here.  With a nice little rose garden, some graffiti dotted about and a large lake, it is nice enough to look at but nothing you can’t get in another part of the city.  The star attraction is undoubtedly the library.


It is incredibly beautiful and makes for a wonderful picture. Hidden inside a glass capsule it feels futuristic and incredibly cool. There will be some people quietly reading books or even napping, its very very quiet here so I can understand why.



Qiaotou Metro station line 11 exit C


Cross-Strait Wenchuang Dream Park, 8 Renshan Street 2, Bao’an District (宝安区福海街道稔山二路8号,两岸文创梦想公园)

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