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In a city of Islands offering everything from sunset hiking, golden beaches and abandoned villages, it can be difficult to know which of Hong Kong’s many many islands to visit next. With an expansive and convenient ferry service, going to and from these Islands is quick, easy and relatively cheap, then choosing where to go next is a great dilemma to have.

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Lamma Island, Hong Kong is a quiet and pleasant place with a laid-back feel. People come to the island to enjoy walking on trails. If you go on a Sunday or holiday, you are likely to see many locals. On Lamma Island, there is a walking trail at one end that leads to the traditional fishing village of Sok Kwu Wan, and the other end is the laid back and multicultural village of Yung Shue Wan, where visitors can find international cuisine and handicrafts. Conveniently located just a 40-minute ferry ride from the city, Lamma Island has the charms of Western and Chinese island life, where West meet East. It is a must for everybody’s itinerary.  The trail which is known as the “Lamma Island Family Walk” is a great way to see the Island and is one of Hong Kong’s most loved trails.

It is a gentle hike and relatively easy as it is paved and well-marked, with even refreshment stops and many resting points along the way.

There are some ups and downs and some stairs and steep hikes if you wander out to the many outlook posts, just take your time

You will walk along the water, through the forests and lots of vegetation, little temples, pavillions, with many fantastic views… be sure to stop frequently and take it all in… (and try to ignore the ugly power plant that is definitely an eye sore)

eye sore or not?

You can start the day with the ferry to Yung Shue Wan, explore the town a bit before embarking on the light hike to Sok Kwu Wan passing through fantastic vistas of beaches, hills, local temples… stopping for a dip in the ocean or a break at the breezy pavilions along the way… then enjoy a nice seafood lunch or dinner before catching the ferry back to town. Or you could do it in reverse as well.

If time is short, skip the hike and stick to either side. The ferry rides are worth it just for the views, both of the majestic Hong Kong Island skyline, and the lush greenery of the mountains as you approach Lamma. And once there, enjoy a nice seafood dinner, and perhaps a breathtaking sunset…

Relaxed nature on offer at Lamma Island


There are many sights of interest located on Lamma Island, and due to its size, they are all easily accessible via walking.  The wind turbine is one of these.  Towering above the landscape, this was the first wind turbine to be put into use in Hong Kong, and you can get very very close to this. It’s quite a surreal sight to be able to be so near to such a powerful piece of machinery.  Nearby here there is also a short hill which allows nice views of Hong Kong Island and the ocean in front of you.

Lamma Island wind farm

The beach of course is a must see here and it is almost unmissable since it is located between the two ferry piers and easily reached from either.  Not the biggest beach but very clean and with soft sand and lapping ocean waves its perfect for a dip or a sunbath. It is rarely too busy here and gives you a chance to take a break from hectic life and just relax.  The beach has changing rooms and toilets which are functional and adequate to use.

hung shing yeh beach
Lamma Island Hong Kong beach

The Lamma island pig is probably the most photographed thing on the whole island.  Muraled onto a random building this splash of colour really jumps out at you as are trekking along.  It is fun, and different to what you would expect to see here.  Perfect for a selfie.  Nearby here are the kamikaze caves, which Japanese soldiers planned to use during WW2.  It’s not much to see but has a nice historical anchor point for the island.

Lamma Island Pig
Kamikaze caves

Yung Shue Wan has many little shops and restaurants here and has a nice laid back feel.  There are some great food choices here of both western and Asian styles. There is a hustle of activity here with locals buying their daily groceries or tourists milling around and having a look.  This is where the majority of the ferries stop at so it usually has more people.

Yung Shue Wan charm and character


Sok Kwu Wan is much quieter and is more of a fishing village vibe. With only 300 residents its much quieter than its neighbour.  There are a couple of restaurants, and they specialize in fresh seafood, in fact you can choose what you want out of a tank and it’ll be prepared for you.

Sok Kwu Wan is a fishing village

This is the ferry schedule. They run promptly on time and takes about 40 mins or so.  You can use cash to buy a ticket or use octopus card

Lamma Island ferry schedule


All in all if you have a spare day and want to explore a different side of Hong King then I definitely suggest Lamma Island be on your radar.  You won’t regret it.


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