Ninepin Islands Hong Kong

The Tasmania of Hong Kong




The Ninepin Islands is a group of uninhabited rocky outcrops at the edge of the South China Sea. Battered by relentless waves and winds, wonderful landforms have formed. It is also the place where the hexagonal rock columns are at their largest, with diameters of over two meters.


As mentioned above, none of the Ninepin group are inhabited. The island group is situated east of Clear Water Bay and Tung Lung Chau, and are not inhabited. The biggest islands are the North Ninpine, South Ninepin, and the East Ninepin. The islands are all volcanic in origin, forming several million years ago when Hong Kong was a volcanic zone.  Stomping around here is a far cry from the urban city and you could literally be anywhere in the world.  It is so quiet and relaxing, apart from our group I didn’t see another soul.


Hong Kong Hiking Hong Kong waterfall and abandoned village hike


Landing at South Ninepin is quite interesting. Lack of a pier means a rock is used instead. Some simple cement steps help getting on and off the boat. This island has a larger area to explore, the obvious first target is the wide open Tiger Mouth Cave, a sea arch, there are some interesting sights on South Ninepin Island.  For example, the smallest Tin Hau Temple in Hong Kong is on top of one of the hills, the South Nai Tau.



The hiking is a little tricky as the hills are very gravelly and slippery, in fact I myself slipped and needed first aid at Sai Kung so be careful.  The steep drops and jagged rocks provide amazing photo opportunities and lasting memories.


When visiting the Ninepin islands, bear in mind that it would be a completely exposed trip with no refreshment point. There will be a lot of climbing over rocks and vegetation, so dress accordingly. Some of the essentials are:

  • Enough water – I didn’t bring enough which sent my sis into an annoying rant
  • Hat and sunscreen, even umbrella
  • Proper footwear – hiking shoes if you have any
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Sunglasses
  • A change of clothes – trust me!
  • First aid equipment – there are some on the boat, but in case you slip on the island


Want to go?


For travel to Sai Kung:  travel via Sha Tin MTR (bus 299x; 45-50 mins to Sai Kung), University MTR (bus 99R; 30 mins to Sai Kung, every hour at :30, Sun/PH only) or Wu Kai Sha MTR (bus 99; 20 mins to Sai Kung).

Then negotiate with the boat to take you/pick you up


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