Instagram Pier Hong Kong

Photography spot in Hong Kong


Against the myriad industrial backdrops that Instagram Pier in Hong Kong provides, you’ll see people posing for engagement photos, wedding photos, selfies, and just about anything else you can imagine one doing with a camera at a spectacularly beautiful place.


If you’re planning to head to Instagram pier in Hong Kong to enjoy the sunset, you’ll have to make sure not to get in the way of the many people who like to use this precious open space for running, biking, yoga and simply catching a breath of fresh air.



If you’re not yet an Instagrammer, you ought to consider making an account.  There is a dedicated Instagram account, @insta_pier for anything and everything related to Instagram Pier.  While you’re there,  check out my Instagram Shenzhen Guide


Address:  8 Fung Mat Road, Hong Kong The nearest MTR station is  HKU  (Hong Kong University) and from there, it will take you approximately 20 minutes to get to Instagram Pier on foot. If you’re looking to break up the ‘long’ walk, there are plenty of food places located around the station to grab a bite before heading to the pier!

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